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Business Development:

Post 9/11, Investigative Options has furnished business development expertise to companies that market products and services to the law enforcement and intelligence communities. Investigative Options LLC helped a Fortune 500 company develop the conceptual design for a regional intelligence center. Such centers, most especially desired by the State Police as the information focal point for law enforcement agencies within a state, serve as a data warehouse for storage and retrieval of both public and proprietary law enforcement/intelligence information. They are often the focal point for applications that can act on the data and are the starting point for a myriad of uses but, most importantly, they offer management, investigators and the patrol officer on the beat meaningful information on a timely basis. These applications can be, and often are, made available to all law enforcement agencies no matter how small. Investigative Options LLC provided the subject matter expertise in helping a Fortune 500 company secure the contract for the Massachusetts State Police information center.

Similarly, Investigative Options provided marketing access for small to Fortune 500 companies through contacts in the law enforcement and intelligence community, e.g. computerized evidence tracking systems, mobile Secure Compartmented Information Facilities, window film and laminates to preclude the eavesdropping efforts of U.S. adversaries in the U.S. and abroad.

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