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Computer Forensic Investigations:

Cyber crime is a growing concern.  Disgruntled employees, harassing co-workers, theft of corporate material often finds the computer as the focal point for determining what took place.  When something goes wrong quick action is a must.  Without proper handling, any hope of determining what happened is severely diminished.  Data residing in a computer is volatile.  It changes with a stroke of a key or the simple act of turning the computer on or off.  In short, any hope of prosecuting or taking administrative action against the transgressor is lost if the processing of the computer and the attendant investigation is mishandled.  Peace of mind is also lost since you may never know what happened and/or the extent of the damages incurred.  Investigative Options, LLC can provide the professional investigation that can stand up in court, be it civil or criminal.

What is computer forensics?  When will you need our service (notice itís "when" and not "if") and what can it mean to you?

Computer forensics is a simple concept.   Itís the examination of a computer, usually the computerís hard drive, with the goal being to find evidence that can stand up to scrutiny.  The evidence can be anything from indications that a file was modified or deleted or, that a malicious e-mail was created on the subject computer.

Investigative Options, LLC has proven expertise across the entire spectrum of computer forensics examination of our clientís computers.   Our clients range from international investigative firms to those involved in criminal defense proceedings.  The only requirements are that a computer be involved and that the system in question be accessible to our team.

What can you expect from our investigation?   First, you can expect and demand total professionalism and discretion.  We will handle all aspects of the investigation, be it the computer forensic aspects or the attendant interviews, with rules of evidence at the forefront.  The computer will be processed so that the original material remains intact.  For example, we only process against an exact copy of the computerís hard drive.  All material is controlled and a chain of custody is maintained and documented.  If needed, the processing methods and associated documentation can be made available in a court of law.   Discretion comes in the form of limiting the number of people exposed to the investigation.  This may be significant when, for example, access to, or manipulation of, sensitive corporate information is suspected.

What can we find?  Our techniques can find hidden files, uncover deleted files, indications of file modifications, Internet activities, file downloads, and portions of documents.  In short, we can support your needs for evidence of corporate espionage, inappropriate web browsing, malicious e-mail, and/or file manipulation to cover traces of activity.  With the evidence at hand, many sensitive and awkward situations can be resolved while keeping the number of knowledgeable parties to a minimum.

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